Join this first-of-its-kind celebration of Israel’s warm and mutually-beneficial ties with the nations of Central America!

Central America Forum for Israel

At this moment in history, with Israel under attack and antisemitic hatred flourishing worldwide, it is time for friends of the Jewish state to stand up and be counted in a display of resolute solidarity.
On Thursday, July 29th, 2021, the Combat Antisemitism Movement (CAM) and Center for Jewish Impact, in partnership with the Israel-Guatemala Friendship League and Congress of the Republic of Guatemala, will host the first-ever Central America Forum for Israel, celebrating Israel’s deep and longstanding ties in the region.
The special virtual event -- marking the third anniversary of the proclamation of Guatemala’s Israel Friendship Law -- will bring together top leaders from across Central America to reject Jew-hatred and unite in a powerful show of support for Israel.

This historic gathering will highlight the common values and interests underpinning Israel’s relationships in Central America, and further cement its strategic alliances in the region.

Plenary Session - Confirmed Speakers

Dr. Alejandro Giammattei

President of the Republic of Guatemala

Ana Lucrecia Marroquín de Palomo 

Vice-President of the Congress of Guatemala

Fidel Reyes Lee

President of the Israel-Guatemala Friendship League

Robert Singer

Chairman of the Center for Jewish Impact and Chair of the Board of Trustees of World ORT

Amb. Chris J. Lazaris

Chair of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance

Rabbi Steven Burg

CEO of Aish Global

Jose Tomas Zambrano 

Secretary of the Congress of Honduras

Donald Ricardo Calderon Lam

Congressman of El Salvador in PARLACEN

Dorina Rodriguez Salazar

Congresswoman of the Dominican Republic

Rebeca de Sabbagh

President of the Jewish Community of Guatemala

Legislating Positive Change

Ana Victoria Hernandez

President of PARLACEN-Israel Friendship League

Shirley Diaz Mejias

Congresswoman of Costa Rica

Working Together for a Better World

Amb. Mario Bucaro

Ambassador of Guatemala to Mexico, CAM Board Member

Shauli Katzanelson

Deputy Director General of the Israel Export Institute

Amb. Eynat Shlein

Head of MASHAV & Deputy Director General, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Israel

Arian Abadi

Leading Artist, Actor and Producer

Support Our Work

Shay Salamon

Peace Ambassador of Guatemala

Shoshana Bekerman

CEO of Inter-Parliamentary Coalition for Global Ethics

Educating and Learning from One Another 

Greg Abbott

Governor of Texas, USA

Uarren Oscar Beitia

Congressman of Panama in PARLACEN

Pastor Dr. Luis Fernando Solares

National Director of ICEJ Guatemala

Eduardo Kohn

Director of B'nai B'rith Latin America

Lee Zeldin

United States Representative of New York (R, NY-1)

Marcelo Lewkow

Executive Director of ORT Chile and Representative of World ORT

Guillermo Antonio Osorno Molina 

Congressman of Nicaragua in PARLACEN

One Man's Journey between Israel & Central America 

Ilan Lopez

Executive Director, Jewish Community of Guatemala

Leopoldo Martinez

Latin America Director of Israel Allies Foundation

Ted Deutch

United States Representative of Florida (D-FL)

Silvia Hernandez Sanchez

President of the Congress of Costa Rica

Claudia Ruíz Casasola de Estrada

Minister of Education of the Republic of Guatemala

Yair Lapid

Minister of Foreign Affairs of the State of Israel

Jacky Rosen

United States Senator for Nevada (D-NV)

James Lankford

United States Senator for Oklahoma (R-OK)

Amb. Modi Ephraim

Deputy Director General for Latin America of Israel's Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Nachman Shai

Minister of Diaspora Affairs of the State of Israel

Danny Danon

Former Ambassador of Israel to the UN, CAM Board Member